Meet our Caregivers

We go through a rigorous in-depth application process with all potential caregivers. All our care providers are licensed, insured  and have a wealth of experience. We also require our caregivers to have strong interpersonal skills and be attentive to detail. We believe that anyone can be trained to provide nursing care but only a select few can deliver it with empathy and compassion. It’s this select group we seek  out and selectively add to our team.

Your caregiver will be

Experienced – 3 plus years of patient care



Fully licensed and insured! 

Extensively interviewed and referenced 

Lead care givers

As lead caregivers, our role is  to provide direction and onsite supervision for the primary caregivers. We more importantly serve as a direct point of contact for our clients in case there are any issues or concerns. Our job is best done when we can adequately cater to the unique needs of our client so there are few to no problems.  

Meet our Lead Caregivers

Carl koranteng

Carl holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in psychology and a concentration in neuroscience. He is also the founder of elite nurses. Carl is also a licensed Certified Nursing assistant with 9 years of home health care experience.

Kingsley Koranteng

Kingsley holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has over 10 years of hospital and in home Nursing  experience. Kingsley believes every nurse has a special opportunity to improve the Quality of life of their client and should use it.