About Us

Elite Nurses and Aides, is a boutique home health care company founded in 2014 with the aim to deliver exceptional unparalleled non medical home care to our clients!

Elite Nurses comprises of a team  of 16 experienced , licensed care providers who have come together to provide clients with the hands on, dependable care they deserve.

Founded by two nurses, the company was built and structured to focus its attention on the needs of clients and their quality of care rather than rapid expansion.

Most traditional agencies due to their large size and client loads are forced to hire less than exceptional caregivers just to meet their staffing requirements. For this same reason traditional agencies are unable to provide the hands on attentive care to all their clients. Regularly cancelling on clients or sending last minute substitute caregivers.

Here at Elite Nurses, our boutique style approach allows us to be extremely picky with who we add to our team. We also boast a 100 percent reliability ratio ( we have never cancelled on a client).

Most of our clients have tried traditional agencies and have commonly referred to us as “a breath of fresh air”.  We truly are passionate about our jobs and treat every client like family.

Initial Consultation

The first step is an in home free consultation. A registered Nurse  accompanied with a Lead Caregiver meets with the Clients and their loved ones in their home. We know health care but you know your loved one much better than we ever will.

The primary goal is to listen and get a full understanding of what the unique needs and expectations of our client are.

Following the visit, together with the family, the Registered Nurse will create a care plan to be followed by the Caregiver.

The assigned lead caregiver will continue to supervise care and be available to clients whenever needed.